Business and social problems – is there a match?

I recently watched two TED talks, one by Michael Porter called “Why business can be good at solving social problems” (totally recommended), and Michael Sandel’s one called “Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life“, also interesting, but I have to say I up for Porter’s approach.

Sandel poses a valid question asking where should we draw the line when it comes to markets: “In our current democracy, is too much for sale?”. In a nutshell, he’s critizicing capitalism, holding companies responsible for a big part of today’s social problems.

On the other hand, Porter offers new eyes for the current system: what if the system itself is our most powerful tool to tackle social and environmental problems? He’s proposing a feasible and attainable solution than can actually benefit all of the stakeholders at the same time.

If you watched the talks and still have any doubts, after their correspondent TED talks the two Michaels had a debate.



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